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Wholesale Supply

Jason & Cate started Ripe Coffee in 2001, at the back of Jackson Street’s Go Bang Espresso. Over two decades later, they are still operating one of the oldest 100% New Zealand-owned roasteries in the Wellington region. By staying true to their values of authenticity, quality and personable service, they turned a little back-of-the-house roasting operation into a Petone staple that is trusted by many cafés and businesses around the Valley and beyond.

Whether you’re opening a new café, hunting for a decent brew to have at the office or looking for a change, we’re here to help supply the coffee. 

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We’ve got plenty of equipment — whether you’re large and high-end or a small and humble cafe, our range of machines will do the job. However, in a world full of speciality coffee bars it can be pretty hard to stand out from the crowd, so we’re bringing back old school lever machines equipped with the finest new school technology from ACS. They’re slick, sophisticated and definitely will help you stand out from the crowd. These Vostok machines along with the domestic ACS Minimas’ allow the craft of coffee to shine with modern made dual boiler machines making them the ideal machine for anyone entering the specialty coffee game. 

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Whether you’re a wannabe home pro or an aspiring professional barista, we’ll help you learn the tricks of the trade. As we say, coffee is a craft that must be learnt and practised to perfection. Our in-house trainer will develop your coffee knowledge and skills covering areas such as milk preparation, grinding, pouring, cleaning, tasting, ratios and extraction. Our training room at the roastery is where we’ve got all the gear and all the ideas. 

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If you wish to book for a group, please get in touch with us directly using the form below.

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