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Our People

Jason Hall

Director, Technician

Jason has worked as managing director for Ripe since he starting roasting in 2001. From a trade background in motorcycle engineering Jason worked for 6 years in the World Motorcycle GP Championship as a technician. However, since opening Go Bang with Cate in 2000 and establishing Ripe the following year, Jason has continued to be managing director whilst being active in all areas of the business – you name it, he does it.

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Cate Hall

Director & Office Administrator

Cate has worked as a director for Ripe since 2001. Having completed an Honours degree in Human Nutrition in Northern Ireland, Cate loves being involved in the nutrition and food development at our cafes. Additionally, Cate is responsible for operations at all our stores as well as staff recruitment and accounts management – let’s just say, she’s a busy lady!

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Anne-Lise Mornard-Stott

Head Roaster

After moving from France to New Zealand in 2012, Anne-Lise began her passion for coffee; starting out as barista and casually attending Ripe’s roasting and cupping nights. With the opportunity arising in 2018, Anne-Lise began as our Small Batch roaster as she realised her love for learning about coffee, just as much as drinking it. Now you’ll find her at HQ roasting all of Ripe’s coffee – single origins, blends and all! 

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Faye Lin


Starting in August 2019 as a barista, Faye’s passion for all things coffee and roasting has flourished at Ripe – she, like Anne-Lise, realised her love for learning about coffee just as much as drinking it. Faye is based at HQ where she roasts and melds our coffee and prepares it for dispatch.

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Kieran Aitken

Dispatch Manager

After working in our cafe Origin, Kieran took the opportunity to change up this daily routine and become our dispatch manager where he deals with all online and wholesale orders. He’s the man behind the phone that gets you your coffee on time.

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Grant Smith

Deliveries & Roastery Assistant

With a passion for coffee, Grant joined the Ripe team in 2019 as our delivery driver and roastery assistant. You will find him on the road delivering coffee to all our customers with a friendly face and in the meantime, he’s helping out Kieran with orders in the Roastery.

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Tom Austin

Sales & Accounts Manager

Originally from Wellington, Tom actually started off as a Ripe Coffee barista at our old Brandon St espresso bar all the way back in 2007! Since then he’s been working solidly in specialty coffee from London, to Melbourne and most recently in Western Australia. He’s now come full circle back to where it all began with the goal of delivering high service and excellent coffee to our wholesale partners back home here in Aotearoa. 

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