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Nice coffee, nice guys

Nice guys, Jason and Cate, started it all back in 2001 following their passion for coffee roasting and nutritional eats. Since then they’ve operated 12 cafes across Wellington and had countless passionate baristas, businesses and everyday people brewing nice coffee daily. 

We roast on a Swadlo 30kg drum roaster that was repurposed in house by Jason 10 years ago and continues to pump out our five blends daily using artisan graphing software with a multi probe set up. When selecting new coffees, checking out a new roast profile or as the name says – when you need to produce a smaller batch at the time, we use our small batch roasters – the Huky 500 T,  the Kaffelogic Home Roaster or our 5kg Joper. Additionally, we installed a 70kg Sivetz Hot Air Roaster to add to the collection in 2021. So let’s just say, our head roaster Anne-lise keeps herself busy roasting and cupping every single day. 

Ripe Coffee is relationship coffee

Without the farmers, producers, suppliers, staff and customers that have developed over the last 20 years we would not be where we are today. These relationships drive quality and innovation in every aspect of our operations; it’s our traceable green bean selection, cupping of every roast, detailed training programmes, quality equipment and passionate people that bring a quality cup to the table. 

All our coffee can be traced back to each producer, farm or washing station. Some coffees we work with might have a label such as organic, fairtrade or rainforest alliance, others may not. It’s more important for us to know the story behind each origin than the label they may carry — quality and sustainability comes in different shapes and forms.

Making a difference in Myanmar

It goes without saying that the coffee we source is specialty grade and of high quality – it may cost a little more, but it tastes so much better. It’s relationship coffee and one relationship we’re driving in 2021 is with locals, Circuit International and their Grow Coffee, Not Opium project in Myanmar. 

The coffee growing business in Myanmar is expensive to get involved in, tricky to manage and faces the strong challenge of opium being an easy alternative to grow and make a living from. Particularly in Shan State, the trade in opium has become so large and profitable that it weakens the formal economy; drives the political economy, fuels criminality and corruption. Financial desperation associated with these local communities encourages trafficking of women, poverty and a culture of payoffs. As a result Circuit International is working with these communities to plant coffee trees and train people so that eventually, the capacity of coffee trees builds the capacity of the region to make a living from coffee rather than opium.

With Ripe providing hands-on expertise, financial commitment and roasting Greenland Estate’s coffee for the New Zealand market, Ripe and Circuit will together drive a relationship coffee that enables Myanmar communities to establish their own innovative solutions for a better living.

Nice coffee, nice guys — it’s what we do and who we are