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Coldbrew Maker

Making delicious cold brew coffee has never been easier! No more mess, no more waste caused by unsaturated grounds and no more batches being lost due to ruptured bag filters!

With a simple (patented) lift, twist, and drain design, it eliminates the mess, waste and frustration that come with most commercial cold brew systems. The open design of the Brewista permanent filter allows users to stir the grounds, reducing steeping time and preventing the waste caused by grounds left unsaturated inside a sealed bag.

Brewista's permanent filter is the heart of the system. This permanent filter is made of durable, BPA free polypropylene and a photo etched stainless steel mesh. It can be used on its own, or together with a paper filter and/or the poly fiber finishing filter.

Other key features include:

- Complete immersion of grounds to deliver consistent flavour profiles

- 38 litre moulded bucket for larger batch brewing

- Easy draining with a lift-and-lock mechanism

- Simple to clean


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